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ROGLER has been supporting successfully since 1992
Companies from the printing industry to optimize their processes

Efficient production is the key to the company’s economic success.

You work for a smooth process in production – You need a clear production regulation, insight into the current production plan as well as the status of the individual jobs in the departments and the condition of the machines.

Order ROGLER software offers every company the right solution for efficient warehouse management. It does not matter whether your warehouse is directly in the press room or you have several internal or external warehouses, whether your warehouse is simply divided into zones or is equipped with high shelves. The storage areas are graphically displayed in ROGLER | Logx, the individual zones or shelf spaces are marked with barcode labels. You work with manual capture or with long range barcode scanners.

Overview All pallets are also labeled with barcodes: incoming deliveries to the goods acceptance department after the quality check, semi-finished goods directly to the machine, and finally the finished jobs that are ready for delivery. The position of every material and every semi-finished product can be reliably found in the company, and every pallet can be identified.

Automated ROGLER | Logx enables the integration of self-propelled forklifts

Leftovers have to go! Suitable residual materials for consumption are suggested as early as the preparation phase.

Company Management

You are a member of the executive board. – Your decisions show the way and help your company move forward: You need reliable information about the most important key figures at a glance.


You work in purchasing – no production without material: You need information about the current status of material requirements and material deliveries, an overview of your warehouses and upcoming orders

Project Management

Sie sind Sachbearbeiter – Ihre Expertise ist wichtig: Sie brauchen ein schnelles und sicheres Kalkulationstool, Informationen über den aktuellen Stand Ihrer Aufträge, sowie die anstehenden Angebote und Einblick in den aktuellen Produktionsplan.


You are a customer service representative and salesperson – your skills and competence convince the customer: You need quick access to your customer data, the current status of your orders and the upcoming offers.


You work to ensure that production runs smoothly – you need clear production instructions, insight into the current production plan, the status of the individual jobs in the departments and the condition of the machines.


You are responsible for the warehouse – you need an overview of the warehouse, the current material requirements and deliveries as well as an insight into the current production plan.

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