ROGLER software offers you the greatest possible flexibility in planning and controlling your print shop.

ROGLER Software is not just another software system on the colorful market of MI systems for print: WE are redefining the term MIS. WE understand the letter M in MIS in addition to Management also Manufacturing and Material – that means: we communicate with machines, internal and external systems via open interfaces and thus form the control center in which all information is bundled, evaluated and distributed.

Mit ROGLER Software profitieren Sie von Anfang an. Sie starten mit einem gut vorbereiteten System ready to use. Sie lassen ROGLER Software in Ihrem lokalen IT System laufen oder wählen anstelle von Investitionen in Infrastruktur das transparente und faire Subskriptionsmodell auf Basis einer monatlichen Nutzungsgebühr SAAS. Sie erhalten nicht nur alle Updates sondern im Fall der Fälle schnell und unkompliziert Unterstützung durch unsere Service-Hotline. Das ist die Sicherheit, die Ihr Unternehmen braucht.


We show you what we have to offer

You all work in a team, hand in hand every day, the quality of your work determines the work situation of your colleagues and vice versa - you deserve optimal conditions: ROGLER software! See our solution for the business area you are in charge of

Company Management

You are a member of the executive board. – Your decisions show the way and help your company move forward: You need reliable information about the most important key figures at a glance.


You work in purchasing – no production without material: You need information about the current status of material requirements and material deliveries, an overview of your warehouses and upcoming orders

Project Management

You are a project manager- your expertise is important: You need a fast and secure calculation tool, information about the current status of your orders, as well as the upcoming offers and insight into the current production plan.


You are a customer service representative and salesperson – your skills and competence convince the customer: You need quick access to your customer data, the current status of your orders and the upcoming offers.


You work to ensure that production runs smoothly – you need clear production instructions, insight into the current production plan, the status of the individual jobs in the departments and the condition of the machines.


You are responsible for the warehouse – you need an overview of the warehouse, the current material requirements and deliveries as well as an insight into the current production plan.


ROGLER has been developing software solutions

for print and media production since 1992.

The name in the market is what makes the success of ROGLER customers.

The extensive software solution ROGLER | SOFTWARE with numerous modules and features is used internationally in different constellations. ROGLER | SOFTWARE is designed for all printing techniques and types of processing. All conceivable print products and production processes can be displayed, calculated and planned.


Costumers worldwide

nationally and internationally



nationally and internationally

8,2 Mio

Orders annually

national wie international



nationally and internationally


Fully automated warehouse

nationally and internationally

ROGLER Software Module

ROGLER Software.
Mehr Effizienz von Anfang an.

Durch eine enge Verzahnung mit Ihrem Drucksaal erfüllt ROGLER die
Voraussetzungen für eine smarte Produktion

rogler | mis

ROGLER | MIS is the heart of your print shop and enables you to use smart processes and thus maximum productivity.  

With ROGLER | MIS we combine your business processes, your production, your analyzes and your customers in a smart print shop workflow with the aim of achieving maximum productivity in all areas of your print shop.

Based on ROGLER | MIS you have the option of converting your processes to automated industrial production.

rogler | plan

ROGLER | PLAN offers you the greatest possible support in planning an efficient production process.

Production planning, monitoring and adjustment has never been so easy and clear.

With the integration of back office, production and warehouse into an intelligent “order production and logistics platform” (APL platform for short), ROGLER goes a major step further and introduces the 4.0 industry standard into its software products.

rogler | LOGX

With ROGLER | LOGX you always have your warehouse situation in view. From procurement to fully automated management of your inventory, ROGLER | LOGX is a powerful tool for controlling and monitoring your stock levels.

A software-based paper logistics system offers a wide range of options for optimizing work processes and making use of potential cost savings.

Starting with ordering paper through to optimal storage of your print products.

rogler | web

With ROGLER | ONLINE you can access your most important information and modules directly from anywhere at any time. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

The following modules can be used online:
Web-to-Print Shop
Our Customer Connect Module
Our CRM – Module
The digital web-workorder
As well as our BDE – Module

Die Vorteile der ROGLER Software kurz und bündig

01. Einfache Handhabung

ROGLER Software bietet Ihnen nicht nur eine einfache Bedienung, sondern auch mitdenkende Assistenten und Automatische Prozesse – damit Ihre Arbeit einfacher, angenehmer und rentabler wird

02. Offene Schnittstellen

Es ist widersinnig und teuer, Parallelstrukturen aufzubauen. Daher verfolgt ROGLER Software mit seinen multifunktionalen Systemen eine Philosophie der offenen Schnittstellen.

03. Schlanke Projekteinführung

Das Ziel schlanker Projektführung ist, einen Auftrag durch Priorisierung schlank zu halten, Kundenwünsche rasch umzusetzen und auch in späten Projektphasen noch flexibel auf Veränderungen eingehen zu können.

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