Intelligent business processes

Optimize your business processes
to a continuous, fully automatic workflow:

Process automation in the sense of Industry 4.0 saves resources and increases capacities and output considerably.

In ROGLER Software Suite you will find concentrated knowledge and experience from all branches of the printing industry from 30 years of intensive cooperation with our customers – this is an ongoing process at ROGLER. You should benefit from this!

The networking of the company, the use of optimization algorithms and AI as well as the consistently lean design of the company processes give you a set of tools to run your company safely and efficiently and to increase your margins. Reliability and quick reaction with cost-efficient production at the same time are the cornerstones of the company’s success. ROGLER | MIS provides you with the tool for this: we have packed the expertise of many users into intelligent, automated processes that quickly and reliably deliver comprehensible results. So you are not forced to reinvent the wheel every day, but fall back on sophisticated solutions and simply take the shortest route!


3 Examples:

1. Automated calculation based on rules

For difficult calculations and complicated products as well as for your standard products, let ROGLER calculate: based on your machine park and your equipment, ROGLER will find all possible – and from them the most efficient production method.


2. Production planning in networked operations

The most efficient production method is one side – the current availability and utilization of the machines is the other side of the coin. Given the production situation, is it more efficient to choose a different production route for the product? The optimal ranking of jobs in both printing and postpress saves set-up time – can the delivery date still be met?

Let ROGLER | PLAN and its Optimizer do the work: You save time and capacity!


3. The freestyle: web to print

ROGLER | MIS accepts orders from the web shop, calculates production times on the fly, and transfers suitable products to the collective form optimizer. The results are, on the one hand, the finished PDF, which is placed in the prepress stage for plate production, and the plan cards, which are optimized in the PLAN, taking into account the delivery date, the set-up times and the connection times in postpress.

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