ROGLER | Web to Production

Optimize your production process -
from ordering to production

With ROGLER | WEB TO PRODUCTION we combine your business processes into a smart print shop workflow.
With the aim of achieving maximum productivity in all areas of your print shop

Based on artificial intelligence calculation and production optimizes your entire production process.

With our new solution ROGLER | WEB TO PRODUCTION the entire production process, from ordering to planning and production, is fully automated

Only a few situations still require manual intervention in the production process.

The automation of printing processes is more necessary today than ever. Current economic conditions in the printing industry, decreasing print runs and increased wage costs require optimization of production processes.

A fully automated production process based on artificial intelligence reduces manual points of contact in the processes, avoids human errors, especially in the case of recurring tasks, accelerates processes and simplifies their monitoring, reduces costs and ultimately also maximizes customer benefit and profit.



The following diagram shows a simplified illustration of how our Web-to-Production module completely automates your entire production process from ordering to planning.

  • The order is entered by the customer in the web shop or by your office staff via our web interface.
  • Via our template editor in the ROGLER | MIS, extensive rules can be defined. The entire production process for a product is defined in advance on the basis of these rules.
  • After the order has been placed, one of the previously defined rules is carried out and the data is sent to ROGLER | Pass PLAN.
  • Production is carried out fully automatically on the basis of the rules created.

ROGLER Software Web-to-Production

The most important advantages at one glance.


Due to the simple and easy-to-understand structure, orders placed in the web shop or via the web interface can be imported immediately and viewed as a calculation. After a brief check, the project is forwarded to the planning department and planned for production based on the previously defined rules.

From the order entry to the completion of the print job, you will only need a little manual rework in the future.


Based on the previously defined rules, the best possible type of production is automatically selected. ROGLER | decides PLAN on the underlying set of rules, which machine comes into question at the start of production.

With ROGLER | PLAN we give you an intelligent planning tool that enables you to map your production process fully automatically.

The following video shows you the extensive functionality of ROGLER | PLAN.


If the existing machine park with ROGLER | PLAN is connected via interfaces, changes that occur during production can be automatically included in the planning.

ROGLER | PLAN recognizes the effects that the new situation has on the entire production process and independently calculates the best production route based on the changed framework conditions.

ROGLER Software Modules

More efficiency right from the start.

rogler | plan

ROGLER | PLAN offers you the greatest possible support in planning an efficient production process.

Production planning, monitoring and adjustment has never been so easy and clear.

With the integration of back office, production and warehouse into an intelligent “order production and logistics platform” (APL platform for short), ROGLER goes a major step further and introduces the 4.0 industry standard into its software products.

rogler | logx

With ROGLER | LOGX you always have your warehouse situation in view. From procurement to fully automated management of your inventory, ROGLER | LOGX is a powerful tool for controlling and monitoring your stock levels.

A software-supported paper logistics system offers a wide range of options for optimizing work processes and making use of potential cost savings.

Starting with ordering paper through to optimal storage of your print products.

rogler | online

With ROGLER | ONLINE you can access your most important information and modules directly from anywhere at any time. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

You can use the following modules online:
Web-to-Print Shop
Our Customer Connect Module
Our CRM – Module
The digital web-workorder
As well as our BDE – Module

rogler | mis

With ROGLER | MIS we combine your business processes, your production, your analyzes and your customers in a smart print shop workflow with the aim of achieving maximum productivity in all areas of your print shop.

Based on ROGLER | MIS you have the option of converting your processes to automated industrial production.

We are at your disposal for further information on the individual modules.

Which module are you interested in?